Valerie; to be strong. Full of valour. Brave and valiant.

Hey there! I’m Valerie! Creator extraordinaire! If my face isn’t behind the lens, its busy creating some DIY Pinterest fails or racking up library fines for the 10 books I check out at one time and never finished through to completion!

I was born and raised in the Fraser Valley, and cut my teeth on 35mm film SLR'S in high school. From capturing that decisive moment, to developing it with tender love and care in the darkroom, I was hooked. 

I take a cinematic/lifestyle/candid/intimate approach to the photographs I create. Some of its posey-posey, some of its me making you do totally ridiculous things to GET THE SHOT!!!

There are two things you will need when booking a session with me;

  1. an open mind

  2. a strong core for all of the laughing you’ll be doing!

I currently reside in the University District neighbourhood of Surrey, BC, and travel all over the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland to GET THE SHOT!!! 

I love nothing more than my family, my camera, a crisp glass of white wine, and providing my clients with some pretty fantastic moments that they can cherish for years to come. Yes, MOMENTS!

I don’t just create photos, I make moments! Let’s make some moments together, shall we?