Valerie; to be strong. Full of valour. Brave and valiant.

Hello!I am Valerie!

I am a mother,daughter,sister,aunt,friend,lover,writer,warrior!

Oh yeah, and photographer too!

The many hats I wear are easily translated and adapted into my work. The more versatile the conductor, the more poignant the composition.

Born and raised in the Fraser Valley, I cut my teeth on 35mm film SLR'S in high school. From capturing that decisive moment, to developing it with tender love and care in the darkroom, I was hooked. 

Photography to me is much more than a skill, or a hobby... it's a way of life. It is the messenger of my heart, it is the keeper of time, and it is a gift from the divine. I didn't really choose it, it kind of sniffed me out and refused to leave me alone!

I believe there are 3 things in this life I could not live with out; my family, my camera, and the gift of sight. It is in seeing, really, actually seeing the beauty of each person in front of my lens and creating a visual legacy of them;for them...but most of all for those that love them, that fills my heart with immeasurable joy.  

Time moves quickly and is unforgiving. It is the magic of a single photograph, where you can freeze time...and let those moments,those people, live for an eternity.

It is the magic of a single photograph, that can give someone the ability to actually see someone and their raw beauty.

That is the magic of photography, and it is my absolute honor and pleasure to be able to share this same magic with you.

My images chronicle my lust for life, and the unspoken bond between my dreams and yours.