Body Positive Boudoir | Surrey, BC Photographer

Beauty is a feeling, not a size shape or color

One day a few weeks ago, I woke up, and started the revolution of...loving myself!

Oh lord above, I thought it would be easy, and I had no clue how bad it had gotten. But when I finally allowed myself to become concious of my inner dialogue, I was in for a very alarming surprise.

I know when it started. I was in second grade.

I had just moved to a new city and started at a new school in a new neighbourhood. I was a chubby tom boy who watched Fashion File religiously and was very acutely aware of who I was as a person and could not WAIT to be "grown up" so I could wear all of the wonderful clothing! That in itself was more than enough to separate me from my peers, and make me a prime target for name calling and well...bullying!

Being bullied at such a young age paved the way for my love/hate relationship with myself. So, don't want to age myself or anything but that is over 25 years of feeling not good enough.

25+ years. Of not loving myself.

Now, here we are today! Every day I am trying to love my self just a little bit more than the day before. Slowly but surely I am making progress. And it feels AMAZING!! Every morning I like to start my day off with gratitude, then I focus on listening to positive affirmations as I get ready for work. I read self help books on my train ride into Vancouver (yep,I'm one of THOSE people) and make a concerted effort to tell my negative self talk to shut the heck up!

I think the best part of self love, is getting to use my camera as a catalyst for change amongst women and the quality of the relationship that they have with themselves.

Yeah, self love and healing is pretty magical. And being able to take photos that encourage that process in other women also is even more magical!

Keep your heads up sisters!!! We will be triumphant yet ;)